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SS. Peter and Paul School/Collinsville IL
Enrollment Code: 17B3D3639324
How It Works is a powerful resource from Great Lakes Scrip Center®, designed with both organization coordinators and families in mind. Families can see the latest news and place their orders online, and coordinators can use tools to manage their scrip programs.

You can set up a personal account in minutes and easily place your scrip orders online. Shop at any time from any internet-connected computer or device! You’ll have access to the complete list of retailers offered through GLSC, including ScripNow™ electronic gift cards and Reload options. Plus, you can use the simple reporting features to track your order and rebate histories. It’s all here, on one easy-to-use website.

For scrip-using families, ShopWithScrip® provides many benefits:
Order scrip at your convenience from anywhere with internet.

Full Selection
See all the available brands and denominations at a glance.

Immediate Delivery
Order and print ScripNow eCards right from your ShopWithScrip account, and Reload funds onto gift cards you already own.

If your organization allows it, you can pay for your order instantly by electronic debit using the secure ACH process.

In-Depth Information
Access your own purchase and rebate history.

Create your free ShopWithScrip account in just a few easy steps. Ask your coordinator for your organization’s enrollment code and you’ll be ready to start the simple registration process. Once you have your enrollment code, click here to sign up!

Start your own scrip program today.
If your organization doesn’t have a scrip program yet, and you would like more information about scrip fundraising, click here or call our New Customer Support Team at 800-727-4715 (opt. 5). It’s easy to get started, the approval process is quick, and we’d love to walk you through it if you have any questions!

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